Sacred Sensual Massage

Sacred Sensual Massage

Embrace your sensual nature and connect to pleasure

When the nervous system is deeply relaxed and in a state of ease, the body has great potential to experience immense pleasure.
This hands-on course invites a deep enquiry into the pleasure of connection and sensual touch.

Suitable for absolute beginners to massage, those with previous massage experience and those wishing to work professionally with sensual touch, you’re welcome to attend with a partner, friend or solo. 

To feel or be sensual is to be acutely and deliciously aware of our senses. In our often busy distracted lives connection to our senses is sometimes dulled. We may eat without really tasting, hear without really listening and our relationship with our bodies may be disconnected or unconscious. 

We are all capable of experiencing great pleasure. We acknowledge such pleasures as eating fine food, exercising and enjoying a beautiful sunset. To feel pleasure is our natural birthright and touch is one of our greatest ways to step into that experience. But most people have not been taught the pleasures they can receive from touch, nor been educated in giving pleasurable touch to others. At best we have learnt some anatomical facts, but rarely have we been taught the "how to" of body pleasure. Now on this course you can learn about and experience giving and receiving the pleasures of touch. Sacred Sensual Massage is a gift that encourages communication between people, a way of showing love and care and of reuniting us with our pleasure-filled bodies.

Tension in the body produced by past traumas restricts the flow of blood and energy and creates obstacles to the full enjoyment of the body and the ability to live harmoniously with the body. Sacred Sensual Massage can help to free trapped energy in the body and help you resolve inner conflicts that affect your sensuality, sexuality and your relationships.

This unique course offers a safe space to experience exquisite touch and nurturing that will help open your heart and guide you towards feeling whole, alive and in love with life. You’ll discover the delight of giving and receiving a full body sensual massage that awakens your senses and invites you to let go and relax very deeply.

Sacred Sensual Massage is an intuitive, heart-centred experience, deeply pleasurable to give as well as receive.  Highly recommended not only for creating deep relaxation, nurturing and openness but also for releasing physical, emotional and sexual trauma.

Comments from previous participants

❤ “Powerful, caring, supportive, healing.  Magic, fantastic magic!”

❤ “I was nervous, but the way the course is structured allowed for a safe journey learning about giving and receiving. I felt more nurtured than at any other time in my life.  I ended up with more energy to apply to my work and a wonderful positive mood. I smile more broadly and  deeply now.”

❤ “Absolutely fabulous!  The course became less a learning experience in different strokes as a way of opening doors, both in giving & receiving.” 

❤ “The big changes happened when I dropped my resistance & allowed myself to go deeper, connecting more with my heart and my companions.”

❤ “We had a lovely weekend, thank you, and will cherish the experience for sometime to come. We can certainly see how we will be able to use the skills to complement our vision.”

The facilitator is Michael

A Wellbeing Consultant and yoga teacher with over 30 years of professional massage experience, Michael loves creating pleasure through touch.  Michael has great love and reverence for sensual massage both as a transformative power and as a path toward wholeness. He originally formulated this style of massage 28 years ago & has since taught and practised in New Zealand, Australia, Bali and Paris.

"Relinquish your attachment to the known, step into the unknown, and you will step into the field of all possibilities." ~ Deepak Chopra
NB. There is no genital massage on this course.  Genital massage is taught in the Tantra Massage Course.

 As I receive pleasure so does the whole world receive pleasure through me...

Sacred Sensual Massage, new dates coming soon in 2024, Pure Wellbeing Centre, Kapiti Coast

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Embrace your sensual nature & explore...

In Sacred Sensual Massage you will experience and learn a complete full body sacred sensual massage.
  Beginners and those with massage experience.

Facilitator: Michael

When:  Saturday 4 & Sunday 5 May 2024, 9.30am - 6.30pm both days

Where:  Pure Wellbeing Centre, 12 Menin Rd, Raumati South, Kapiti Coast 

Cost:  $385 reduced to $350 if paid in full by Friday 12 April 2024

Tantra Massage Course - Saturday 18 & Sunday 19 May 2024: If you would like to attend both the Sacred Sensual Massage Course and the Tantra massage course you can save an extra $50 by paying for both courses by Friday 12 April. Please register on the right. 

Registration:  To register please pay $100 deposit or the full amount.  Please register on the right and proceed to checkout.

Numbers are limited so please register early to avoid disappointment.

Registration Information: No refunds will be given within 14 days of course starting date. Transfers to another course may be possible up to 8 days before the course starting date which may incur a $50 transfer fee. No transfers are possible after then. If your course has to be cancelled you can either receive a refund or a credit.

Enquiries:  Please phone Michael 022 678 0795 or email