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he Greatest Treasure is a Pure Heart

Awaken Your Heart's Desire
- Sensual Massage and Tantra Massage
- Goddess Spot & Prostate Pleasure
- Lovingly Guided Sessions for Individuals & Couples
- Empowering & Awakening & Celebrating Your Sexuality
- Sensual & Tantra Massage Courses
- Pure Heart Tantra Retreats
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Pure Heart Tantra

- is a playful path to intimate relating and helps us to embrace all that we are.
- is a simple and effective way into the core of our being, leading to a deep sense of wholeness. 
- is an interactive journey, an exploration that is profound and pleasurable at the same time.
- is for you if you want to have it all: a passionate sex life, a healthy life, ecstasy and spiritual awakening. 
- involves creating a sacred loving space, conscious breathing, sound, visualization, meditation, sensual & tantra massage, sexual play, dance, rituals and celebration. 
- gives you immediate results and you will enjoy benefits in your lovemaking, your relationships and your life.
- honours your unique unfolding and personal transformation process.
- is a path for sacred sexual healing.
- combines ancient wisdom with contemporary interpersonal insights and combines relaxation and intense pleasure with spiritual alignment, enabling you to channel your erotic energies to enhance both your life and the life of those you love.
- offers transformational orgasm to unite you with the divine.


Tantra (which means "woven together") is a term loosely applied to a  system of Hindu yoga in which the union of male and female principles is  worshipped. There are several forms of Tantra:

 White Tantra, which can be practised in the form of Hatha yoga  and meditation in the lotus position with breath control and mantra is popular in the west today.

Tibetan tantra, using mantras and sound is part of the Buddhist tradition.

Red Tantra teaches how to transmute sexual energy into higher states of consciousness.

Red Tantra is the Tantra we promote here.

The sexual Tantric practices promoted here have been simplified, though the philosophy has remained intact. The ultimate Tantric experience is being fully present and not bound by the illusion of space and time, at one with the cosmic ocean of oneness. 

Ambrosia is the nectar-like reproductive secretion which, at the highest point of ecstasy, pours into the brain with such an intensely pleasurable sensation that even the sexual orgasm pales into  insignificance before it.  This unbelievably rapturous sensation pervades the whole of the body and consciousness opening to divine presence and liberation.

These practices can bring you to this experience.  It is important to not get lost in the technique, knowledge or any dogma, but to simply get lost - or melt into the experience of the moment  in order to find one's self suddenly Awakened. The experience is like coming home..  

We can awaken to our true nature through ecstatic sexual surrender and experience the power, glory, ecstasy & divine revelation that is the conscious sexual orgasm.

Just as you can channel energy through your own body, in tantra lovemaking with another, energy is channelled through both making one current, bringing both into universal consciousness together.                                                               ______________________________________________________

When you make the two as one,
and when you make the inner as the outer,
and the outer as the inner, and the above as the below,
and when you make the male and the female into a single one,
so that the male will not be male and the female not be female
then you shall enter the kingdom."

Fifth Gospel of Saint Thomas 

- Love is an action taken to meet another's need -

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