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Michael Hayman: Dip Remedial Massage, Dip Clinical Hypnotherapy, Dip Ka-Toning Body Therapy, Cert Yoga Teacher.

Wellbeing Consultations, Yoga, Ecstasy Facilitation, Metaphysical Counselling, Deep Tissue, Shiatsu, Relaxation, Sports, Sensual & Tantra Massage, Sexual Healing, Relationship Guide, Nutrition, Fasting & Detoxification Guidance.

With over 40 years of professional healing experience, Michael offers his wide experience and skills assisting people to let go limitations, discover their passion and inner peace and increase their pleasure and wellbeing.

He has great love and reverence for sexual energy both as a transformative power and as a path toward wholeness. Michael loves creating pleasure through touch and opening hearts and increasing consciousness through tantra.  He has taught and practised sensual and tantric massage and tantra for over 25 years in New Zealand, Sydney, Bali and Paris. 

He offers Pure Heart Tantra in Raumati South - only 40 minutes from downtown Wellington - so come along and enjoy some relaxing time out at the beach. 

Lovingly Guided Sessions for Individuals & Couples

I am an experienced healer to guide and support you.
- You can express any special needs, questions or desires
- We will set clear boundaries and co-create your session together

Sensual Massage


Come on a journey to pleasure and bliss... We are all capable of experiencing great pleasure. We acknowledge such pleasures as eating fine food, exercising and enjoying a beautiful sunset. But many people have never received the pleasures they can receive from touch. During this massage you can experience receiving the pleasures of touch. Come and connect with your sensual self and celebrate life! Tension in the body, produced by past traumas and anguishes, restricts the flow of blood and energy and creates obstacles to the full enjoyment of the body and the ability to live harmoniously within the body. Sensual Massage will help free trapped energy in the body, help resolve inner conflicts that affect your sensuality, sexuality and your relationships and lead you towards a happy, healthy, loving and fulfilling life. Embrace your sensual nature & explore... You’ll receive a massage that awakens the senses and invites you to let go, relax very, very deeply and experience the pleasure of sensual touch. Highly recommended not only for creating very deep relaxation, nurturing and openness but also for releasing trauma from physical, emotional and sexual abuse. A safe, sacred space will be created to experience massage and nurturing that will open your heart and make you feel whole and alive.

NB. There is no direct genital massage in Sensual Massage

Comments about sensual massage...

"I did notice more softness and ability to relax after my sacred sensual massage, thank you. From my heart, I wanted to share how grateful and blessed I feel to have gone through that experience.

It was the massage my body had been looking for all this time.

I felt deeply safe and cared for in the space Michael created and my whole being was able to let go, relax and unwind in a process that felt deeply cathartic, pleasurable while still feeling connected to my heart and body.

My first sensual touch massage and the experience allowed my body to drop the bracing and tension I usually feel and relax fully into softness and pleasure.

Thank you so much Michael, for your presence and the gift you bring to this world." - M.L.

 “Absolutely fabulous! One to repeat again and again.” - P.S.

“Powerful, caring, supportive, healing. Magic, magic, fantastic magic.” - M.D.

“The big changes happened when I dropped my resistance and allowed myself to go deeper, connecting more with my heart ...” - R.M.

“I felt more nurtured than at any other time in my life. I ended up with more energy to apply to my work and a wonderful positive mood. I smile more broadly and deeply now.”
 - R.B.

As I receive pleasure so does the whole world receive pleasure through me...

Tantra Massage


Tantra Massage begins where Sensual Massage ends. A very safe sacred space will be created to learn breathing, meditation, Tantric, Taoist and middle eastern techniques that will greatly increase genital sensitivity, strength and sexual energy. Sexual energy is the most basic energy in the body. These high levels of this powerful energy act as an elixir to heal illness and to create sacred sexual healing, increase wellbeing and bring passion, love, bliss, ecstasy and other higher states of consciousness. Rejuvenation and transformation may follow in your life and all your relationships.

Comments about tantra massage...

“... provided a safe environment, and encouraged me to let go of old fears and blockages. For the first time I felt truly able to do this.” - R.B.

“I have experienced many personal growth workshops and therapies but I felt the most empowered in my entire life after an erotic massage! Nothing touches it!” - J.C.

“Given the new plateau of bliss/energy (as promised) I evaluate this as amazing/wonderful/mind-blowing etc et al. Your ability to create a safe space, your love and your candid approach made what was potentially challenging and fearful an experience not to be missed. I was more relaxed and open than ever before.” - P.S.

"I feel a deep sense of wholeness, joy and well-being. Very much in my body, nourished, and energised in a grounded way. My heart space feels solid and expanded after a rich session, before it had felt tender pain, and as if it was covered with a plate of armour.

Michael has an intuitive fluidity to his practice and a loving, skilful, giving touch. My whole being was able to let go and unravel in a freeing and delicious way, with a strong sense of coming home to myself.

My first experience in sensual and tantric massage and every touch built steadily towards bliss. I have a huge smile, fresh, new energy and excitement going forward. " - M.G.

N.B. There is direct genital massage in tantra massage.

We shall not cease from exploration and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time. - T. S. Eliot   

Sexual Healing & Empowerment & Tantric Awakening Sessions


We will talk about your needs and desires and then co-create your session. Touch, metaphysical counselling and breathing may be included.  Gentle sensitive massage and conscious focus will be used to dearmour the bodymind and release tension, clear any old or negative imprinting and heal trauma. You may connect to your deep primal pleasure.

I recommend a longer session time for these sessions if possible.

"The space Michael holds is one of safety, compassion and understanding. He acknowledges the totality of who you are with such love and willingness. My journey through intimacy has been one of pain and detachment. Michael created an environment where I felt safe to reconnect with the parts of myself I rejected many years ago. I felt the shame, guilt and resentment slowly come to surface during the trauma release massage. I was then able to process a lot of forgiveness during the Yoni massage I received. I realised that allowing myself to receive pleasure, gave me the permission to be IN my body, for the first time in my life, to feel who I REALLY was.

I feel lighter after my 2 sessions. I feel safe in my body and confident to speak my truth in areas where i never allowed myself to have a voice. I feel empowered and connected with my femininity. And most of all, I am ready to let go.

I am beyond grateful to have met and worked with Michael. He has brought such abundance into my life. I would highly recommend his guidance.

Many many thanks" R.D.

Pelvis, Yoni, Lingam, Prostate & Anal Massage


You will enjoy sensual massage and when you are ready I will focus on massaging the areas you have chosen.    Gentle sensitive massage is used to stimulate these areas. Expert stimulation and conscious focus are used to heal trauma and clear any old or negative imprinting & bring deep primal pleasure. 

The area of the female g-spot and the male prostate gland are access points for the Kundalini energy which leads to enlightenment. Issues of security, finances and commitment can be healed through the muladhara or root chakra, located at the base of the spine. Issues of sexual abuse, abandonment, rejection and impotence can be healed through Swadisthana, the second chakra.

Loving energy and focused intention will help heal any wounds, increase your capacity to experience pleasure and energise & harmonise these chakras.

The Breath of Life


The Breath of Life is a process based on yoga practices to teach us how to let go of pain, trauma and fear and to develop peace, empowerment, bliss and freedom.

The Breath of Life process is similar to but also quite different from some commonly known forms of Pranayama and the Wim Hof method. It is a more dynamic process that first utilises a type of fire breath that energises your bodymind. The following phase offers you very deep relaxation that allows for mental, emotional and physical blocks & impurities to be released. Not only do most participants experience very deep levels of release they also often experience greater self-awareness and a sense of peace similar to psychedelic or transcendental experiences.

It is a very simple process that everyone can do (no prior yoga or breath experience is required) and quickly brings powerful results. All that is required is that you are willing to learn and be present.

After you experience this profoundly transformational life practice you may be amazed by the impact it has on your life.

Breath is life & life is Breath!

Lessons and Courses in Tantra

I offer private tuition in Tantric principles and techniques for individuals and couples
- Pure Heart Tantra
- Meditation
- Learn expert massage techniques to pamper and pleasure yourself & your partners. They are personalised depending on your interests and needs. Among the subjects covered are meditation techniques, breathing exercises, ejaculation control techniques, and a deep and detailed exploration of the subjects described in the private session section. Above all, the goal will be to learn how to move sexual energy through the body and how to use it as a spiritual practice.

Counselling for Sacred Sexual Healing, Self-esteem, Relationship issues, Health and Self-Exploration

- The nature and origins of your sexuality
- How to release trauma from so-called negative sexual behaviour
- How to identify & enjoy your sexuality
- How to create beauty with your sacred sexuality
- Learn about the Wheel of Consent
- How to create a sacred sexual spiritual experience with yourself or a partner


- You may have a deep emotional release followed by immense pleasure
- You may enjoy a conscious full body and mind orgasm
- You may feel very clear, juicy & empowered
- You may have more awareneness of who you are and how you came to be who you are
-  I will aim to create an experience that is not only transformative but also pleasurable
- The important thing is that you will be given a safe environment to feel and express whatever needs to come up

Comments about Michael

“Michael combines years of experience in the personal development field with a deep compassion for human beings. He is one of the finest bodyworkers I have encountered.” - Brendan Nichols, Author & Motivator, Sydney, Australia.

“Michael is extremely professional,  knowledgeable, sincere and precise - the after-effect of treatment is a magical feeling of wellbeing and relaxation - for mind and body alike. I recommend Michael highly.” - Baroness van Haersolte, Yoga Teacher, Sydney, Australia.

"I feel that you demonstrate love to others with clarity and intensity. I am in awe of your skill and vision and thank you for all you have given me." - Melissa Clark-Reynolds, Company Director, Wellington, NZ.

“I have had a lot of massages in my life, being a dancer and touring all over the world, but Michael's massages are the best in the world.” - Catherine Martin, Dancer, Campagnie Philippe Genty, Paris, France.

“Michael is a brilliant, gifted and unique healer.” - Robert Kiyosaki, Author (Rich Man, Poor Man, etc), educator, businessman, Oregon, USA.

“Michael has developed knowledge of the close relationship of our physical tension patterns to our emotional patterns. He has the ability to not only give an excellent massage but to help his clients to identify behaviours that contribute to their tension and pain. His deep tissue work enabled me to obtain immediate improvement and healing.” - Ken Buckley, Health Programs Instructor, Sydney, Australia.

“It is with such enthusiasm that I can recommend Michael and his work. Having suffered the damage of childhood physical, emotional and sexual abuse - as well as having polio - I have been working with many healing practitioners for much of my life. My recent work with Michael was without doubt the most extraordinary in my experience. Our five sessions together have dynamically helped me to move forward to a place of physical wellbeing and emotional empowerment that I have not previously known. I found Michael an exceptionally gifted healer, possessing not only an astonishing repertory of skills but also a deeply intuitive knowledge of body and soul.” - Harvey Vincent, Film Director, Writer, Actor and Teacher, Paris, France.

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 I am available in Raumati South and I also will come to your place - There may be an extra fee for coming to your place depending on where you are. Please enquire for details. Please book online below or phone me on 022 678 0795 or email Sensual Massage requires a minimum 2 hour session.

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