Tantra Massage


 Embrace your erotic nature & explore...

This course begins where Sensual Massage ends...

A very safe sacred space will be created to learn massage, breathing, meditation, Tantric, Taoist and middle eastern techniques that will greatly increase genital sensitivity, strength and sexual energy. 

Sexual energy is our basic energy in the body.  These high levels of this powerful energy act as a medical elixir to heal illness and to increase wellbeing and bring passion, love, bliss, ecstasy and other higher states of consciousness.

Rejuvenation and transformation follows in your life and all your relationships.

Comments from previous courses...

“... provided a safe environment, and encouraged me to let go of old fears and blockages.  For the first time I felt truly able to do this.” - R.B

. “I have experienced many personal growth workshops and therapies but I felt the most empowered in my entire life after an erotic massage!  Nothing touches it!” - J.C

.“Given the new plateau of bliss/energy (as promised) I evaluate this as amazing/wonderful/mind-blowing etc et al.  Your ability to create a safe space, your love and your candid approach made what was potentially challenging and fearful an experience not to be missed. I was more relaxed and open than ever before.” - P.S.

N.B.  There is direct genital massage in this course.

We shall not cease from exploration
 and the end of all our exploring
 will be to arrive where we started
 and know the place for the first time.
 - T.  S.  Eliot    

Course Schedule for 2018 coming soon...