Jules Barber - Empowering Sexuality
Our natural state is pleasure and relaxation.  We truly are here to experience outrageous joy.  When we release the stories, the pattens, the fear and the cellular blockages of our past then we can live with the freedom to remember and experience the joy of just who we are.

Sexuality in our society is often shrouded with guilt, fear, shame.  Many of us carry these wounds throughout our lives, feeling disconnected from our sexual essence, our sexual organs, our hearts and souls.  Our bodies never lie.  We can learn to feel more present, more easeful and ultimately more alive  in our bodies.  The journey to consciously explore our sexuality is rich with rewards and offers the opportunity to impact profoundly on all areas of our lives.

Jules has worked in the area of natural and transformational healing for many years. She encourages self-awareness, self-responsibility and personal empowerment. Her approach is humble, practical, inspirational, sensitive and tailored for the individual.  Her own desire for feeling fully alive is contagious.

Individual Sessions
All sessions are created for the individual.  An initial chat is conducted before we schedule your session to identify  your needs and desires. 

Sensual & Tantric Touch  - an exploration of connection with your sexual self.  Tantra is about embodiment, experiencing aliveness in all your forms - physical, emotional & spiritual.  A willingness to explore with presence, authenticity and curiosity are all that is required. 

Sessions for men & women may include:
- conscious breathing
- specific bodywork (with or without genital touch)
- embodying bliss & pleasure
- exploring arousal & orgasm
- genital dearmouring
- anal & prostate massage
- pelvic release

Relationship/Intimacy Coaching
Assisting men, women and couples to cultivate and sustain healthy and authentic relationships.  Communication, healthy boundaries, conscious touch and self-empowerment within relationship.  Coaching may include counselling, embodied counselling, bodywork, NLP etc.  Sessions may be in person or through skype.

Please contact Jules directly to discuss or schedule a session - Ph 022 327 0582 or email lovinglivingnz@gmail.com.

Jules works in Wellington and the Kapiti Coast.